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Device: iPad 6th generation
Operating system: iOS 16
Hi everyone I hate to be a pain because I come on here a lot and post this sort of stuff. The other day I was doing a group flight using an iPad 6th generation with all high settings the iPad was on charge and the charge wasn’t going down at all. But today I did a flight with the same iPad and it was on charge as well but the battery was dropping Which I thought was strange since the other day it wasn’t doing that. I would appreciate if someone could take some time and give me some advice please.

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Hi, different planes (newer and higher detail) can chew a lot more performance causing the iPad to drain more charge. Were you flying the same plane?

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Yes I was flying the 777 the other day and today

That’s interesting. I had the same issue with my iPad 2018 and few things I noticed that caused battery drain when on charge

  • New plane (higher detail)
  • Bigger airports (more detail)
  • Multiple background Apps
  • Higher graphics Settings

I noticed a change when I adjusted the above so that my iPad wasn’t working as hard and also used a more powerful charger (really helped)

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Yeah ok I’ll try that do you know what charger you used

The bigger charger brick that comes with the newer IPads, it worked for me but just experiment with lowering graphics etc

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I’ve seen this as well in some cases.
But it’s only been for an individual app session. It’s rather strange and there’s no clear way to reproduce it. The best option is to simply “live with it” for the remainder of the flight and to make sure to restart the app before the next flight.

Unfortunately Apple are terrible at sharing diagnostics data with developers, otherwise we would have solved so many performance issues much quicker.

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I have noticed this. In my own experience the battery will drop to an extent, after sometime it will start coming back up. If the flight is long enough it charges back to 100%. Then drop again during descent.

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