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I have an IPad 6th Generation 2018 and I was wondering if I could play Infinite Flight well in it. I do have Infinite Flight Non Pro but am considering Pro. I have 32 GB on my IPad and most of it is full. Currently, Non Pro Infinite Flight takes 2 GB. I have only 2 GB cleared. Will Infinite Flight lag?

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Probably yes. This has nothing to do with PRO in particular, but you’ll be downloading a lot of resources. More liveries, aircraft, the scenery will be saved and especially your replays will grow in size. To a certain extent, you can offset this by clearing the scenery cache and deleting replays, but at some point, only a reinstall will bring you the same fluency as before. I would recommend you to buy PRO as it is awesome, but maybe try to get some more space to make the experience a little bit more seamless. The iPad itself shouldn’t have too many problems with live flying though (regarding chip/GPU strength).

What if I fly for 16 HRS. Example, SFO-DEL. Will my replay be 16 hours? I really wanna make Infinite Flight Ling Haul routes for my YouTube, Gurm Plays.

Yeah, the replay will be in real-time. One replay shouldn’t be a problem though. It really depends on how many liveries will be seen, as they are very data-intensive. A 10-hour replay with a few aircraft takes up 45MB in my case for example.

Do I have to record my replays to post it on YouTube because you can’t just save them to your camera roll. As I said, I don’t have a lot of space.

Yeah, you’ll have to record it. 2GB won’t be enough for such a long flight sadly. You’d have to clear a lot more storage or edit in intervals, recording a bit, editing it, and deleting the footage again before continuing to record.


So record it for 16 HRS??

Yup ^^ The best way is to record it for 16hrs and then speed it up. You can work around it by recording in Solo where you can speed up your flight by 500% which would make the replay and the time you need to record a lot shorter, but you would still have a long replay and you still need PRO to do that. However, you wouldn’t have other aircraft then…

Like this guy:

Depending on how complete you want your replay to be, you could also skip to record boring parts of your journey so you wouldn’t have to record everything. Hiding the time leap with a cut could make the transition seamless.

How about I make a live stream and do a flight?

Yeah, to my knowledge he records for that long. But, he uses his PC to record and save the recordings, so he has a lot more storage at hand

Yeah, you could do that! But you need to make sure other background apps are closed to not overstress your iPad. Beware, that this wouldn’t help with the timelapse though.

Well, RIP that. I will just delete stuff and get space. I just really wanted to post a vid. Whatever, and thanks so much for responding so fast!

No problem! Hopefully, it works out! Maybe you can transfer certain data to a cloud to make some space for now!

Don’t know, my photos take 10 GB. I have deleted hundreds but only a tiny bit of space gets freed. Does Google Photos help? I have stored my photos in Google Photos and I delete almost all the photos. Do you recommend that?

I am no expert on that sadly. I know that Google Drive stores a few GBs for free (and I think it is linked with Google Photos), but I can’t say for sure. I’d recommend looking for a solution online! Or maybe someone else on the IF Community has another idea!

Thanks a lot bro. I gotta go now. See you another time!

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I had the same problem with my IPad but now it’s working really good

How? Did you delete stuff?

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