iPad running out of battery and losing xp

Hello community. Today I was flying anchorage-Seattle and right after parking at Seattle my iPad died. When I turned it back on I did not get any xp and nothing appeared in log book. This was a long flight and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to recover it?
Thanks, KiwiAviation

You should keep your device plugged in. As long as you were still flying with a good internet connection that data will be sent to the servers. I recommend dimming your screen and lowering the audio output to conserve battery life.


XP is counted gradually as you fly so don’t worry… It may take time to update your stats

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Hi, in order to reserve battery life here are some tips
•Reduce to lowest brightness settings
•Turn down graphics settings
•Fly in night time mode
•Fly with no hud
•Turn on low power settings in infinite flight settings
You must have your device on the entire flight, and also leave it plugged in so it doesn’t die, hope this helped :).