iPad requirements

Will I need to update my iPad to iOS 14 or 15? I am still using 13.3.1 and I fear with this new update I will have to update my iPad

Unless Infinite Flight have communicated software requirements changes then nothing should change.

We haven’t changed any minimum requirements in this update. It is good practice to run the latest version of iOS though for security :)


Ok then thanks

Hey Cameron,I have an iPad mini 5 with A pretty powerful A12 Bionic,but yet suddenly from the last few days, the game has been crashing,I’ve tried re-installing as well, but still it’s crashing can you pls tell A fix?

There’s loads of reasons why you should update however. Running a 3 year old iOS version isn’t recommended for a number of reasons.

Please create a separate topic. Not very nice to hijack someone elses :)


Yeah your right lol,anyways ,Happy Update Day!!😄😄

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