Ipad Purchase: Which Ipad Runs IF Best?

I personally use the 11”, but that’s because I have a really old iPhone that sends messages slower than carrier pigeon. If you’re looking for a device just for IF and a few other things (YouTube, Netflix etc.) I’d you with the 6th generation because of how portable and useful it is. It also doesn’t have a terrible price tag. Like I said, if price isn’t an issue go for the 11”. It runs IF like a dream and you can have LOADS of add-ons playing in the background, and I use it as my main device which I constantly

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I use the 11” as my main device and honestly it never even gets slightly warm; it’s processor is so quick.

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No, he meant the Air 3. It was released recently and is the market for between the Pro and 6th Gen, sort of like a level playing field

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iPad Pro is obviously the best

I bought an ipad air last week, works brilliant for IF, but if your planning getting a joystick for IF you need a laptop/pc/applemac book, i was delighted to get an ipad to play IF cos its so much better but made a rookie mistake of buying a joystick and wont work 🤦🏻‍♂️ Just keep it in mind, but if you not getting joystick ipads are unreal my ipad air is amazing

Surprised that no one has linked this yet.

Any modern iPad will be able to run Infinite Flight perfectly well at max settings with good frames. What iPad you choose is really about what your comfortable paying, not what the best performance is.

If your comfortable with paying for the iPad Pro, and I mean comfortable: if you have the money, and it won’t take any significant hit on your wallet, go for it. It’s the best iPad money can buy, and it’s cheaper than the iPhone XS (keep in mind that you will want to get 256 GB if your going to be running IF). However, if your hesitant at paying the price at all, just go with a cheaper iPad.

The iPad 6th Generation is a great value, and it can run IF perfectly well. And, if it’s performance gets worse as IF becomes more demanding, you can always just get the new one because it’s so cheap. 2 128 GB iPad 6th Gens ($429 each) is cheaper than one 11” 256 GB iPad Pro ($949). That’s why I selected the iPad 6th Gen on the poll. The best value for performance iPad is the iPad 6th Gen. The absolute best iPad is the Pro.

If you like the size of the Mini, get the Mini instead of the baseline iPad.

The Air is in a really weird place, because even though it’s cheaper than a brand new Pro and has an A12, you’ll probably be better off getting refurbished 2017 iPad Pro. The Air isn’t the best at performance, and it’s also not the best value. However, if you feel more comfortable that the Air has the latest chipset (A12 instead of A12X), I guess you can go with the Air. It has a laminated display unlike the baseline iPad, so that is a bonus.

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How? Even on the lowest settings I have severe lag with the Air 2.

To be honest, I’m looking forward to upgrading to the new Air soon which should be able to run IF smoothly for at least four more years to come. Bigger screen, bigger battery, much better performance, more storage (16 gigs is a nightmare in 2019) etc…

Mine is fine and I got it when it came out. I have max settings with anti aliasing on and limit frame rate.

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@Chatta290 Are you sure your not talking about the Air 3?

Nope. Going on nearly 5 years now, I always use that to fly and not my Pro.

Got the iPad air 2, still working fine.

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The new iPad Pro offers more screen and a powerful A12X processor, with optimal battery life. It’s starting price is 749USD. (Just depends on how you configure it)

However, the new iPad Pro (3) breaks very easily, as there’s not much structure due to it being the thinnest tablet Apple has made to date.

The iPad Air (3) offers the home button, an essential if you don’t want to accidentally swipe up (to home) on the iPad Pro. It offers an A12 chip (I think) and smart keyboard support.

But, remember that an iPad can be used for way more the IF. So choose wisely…

Last, but not least, the iPad (6) has an A10 chip and Apple Pencil support, which is great for other use, but not optimal for IF because of the low processing power compared to the other iPads mentioned.

Consider your options and your budget, and make a smart choice!

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I recently (3 weeks ago purchased an iPad 6th Generation.

Infinite’s Flight runs very smoothly on it. No lag, you can keep the plane count high, you can use the highest resolution.

I highly recommend it because it is a very good price for a lot of iPad. It is also very easy to transport because it isn’t massive.

I really like mine, you will really like yours as well. I hope this helps.


If anybody here is looking to upgrade their iPad it’s recommended that you send your iPad to Apple Trade-In, as you can get up to 300+ USD for your iPad (depending on condition and model), and that money you get can be turned into an Apple Gift Card, which can be used for anything at Apple!

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ehh I prefer big screen, more space for y fingers to spread out.

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and a good thing about them is you get updates for a while. Apple is known for that and I like it.

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I have the iPad 11 freakin awesome, I turned off limit frame rate and put everything too high and on and wow!! It’s amazing!!! So smooth!!

Not true at all!
I run max setting on air 2 and don’t lag at all.


If you are on a budget go for the 2018 Ipad, I have got that one and it runs absolutely flawless on the highest settings. I’d almost call that Ipad a bargain cause for that price you get really good quality Hardware.
If you can afford it, go for an Ipad Pro, it will be of more use apart from Infinite Flight and will probably also keep up with the software with years to come but it’s expensive.

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