Ipad Purchase: Which Ipad Runs IF Best?

Surprised that no one has linked this yet.

Any modern iPad will be able to run Infinite Flight perfectly well at max settings with good frames. What iPad you choose is really about what your comfortable paying, not what the best performance is.

If your comfortable with paying for the iPad Pro, and I mean comfortable: if you have the money, and it won’t take any significant hit on your wallet, go for it. It’s the best iPad money can buy, and it’s cheaper than the iPhone XS (keep in mind that you will want to get 256 GB if your going to be running IF). However, if your hesitant at paying the price at all, just go with a cheaper iPad.

The iPad 6th Generation is a great value, and it can run IF perfectly well. And, if it’s performance gets worse as IF becomes more demanding, you can always just get the new one because it’s so cheap. 2 128 GB iPad 6th Gens ($429 each) is cheaper than one 11” 256 GB iPad Pro ($949). That’s why I selected the iPad 6th Gen on the poll. The best value for performance iPad is the iPad 6th Gen. The absolute best iPad is the Pro.

If you like the size of the Mini, get the Mini instead of the baseline iPad.

The Air is in a really weird place, because even though it’s cheaper than a brand new Pro and has an A12, you’ll probably be better off getting refurbished 2017 iPad Pro. The Air isn’t the best at performance, and it’s also not the best value. However, if you feel more comfortable that the Air has the latest chipset (A12 instead of A12X), I guess you can go with the Air. It has a laminated display unlike the baseline iPad, so that is a bonus.

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