Ipad Purchase: Which Ipad Runs IF Best?

Hey there everyone!

My birthday is coming up and I was thinking of getting a new device, specifically because as of right now i’m just using my phone and would like a device to play IF and then still have my phone for other things as well!
I would like to know your thoughts on which Ipad is great for Infinite Flight! If you have one or just know about them, let me know how it runs it, the settings it’s on, etc. I would prefer the highest settings as that’s what they are on on my phone right now.

Obviously I do have a budget, so I probably won’t be able to get the newest Ipad Pro that’s like 800$, but maybe in the 300$ to 600$ price range, but if you want to tell me more out of the price range, go ahead, i’d love to know before I buy!

Best for it’s PRICE! ⬇️

  • Ipad Pro 11’ (newest)
  • Ipad Air 3rd Gen.
  • Ipad 6th Gen.

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This may not be in your price range, but the best is any iPad Pro. I have a iPad Mini 4 for IF, and it’s laggy as hek. It’s also a smaller screen;(. I’ve heard that iPad Air’s are GODLY for IF and they run perfectly, so you could try that.


Which one are you referring to?

I wasn’t really referring to any Ipad in specific, but just one that is relatively inexpensive and runs faster. I don’t know what would fit your budget though

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iPad 2018. Great device. I had the 2017 and IF ran great. I bet it runs when ever better in the 2018. It’s about $329 on Apple’s website.


I have the base model iPad Pro. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made from Apple. Ultra powerful (double the 2017 Macbook Pro lol) and runs IF like a charm. Never had any issues and always run maxed out settings with no lag. However, it also costs around $800 so not really a budget purchase. If it is in your budget then definitely go for it - you won’t regret it.

Edit: I didn’t see your price limit - personally, I would wait until you can affort the best product possible (the iPad Pro) and buy that. Only buy it if you can justify the purchase though - I can because I do all of my revision for school on it using GoodNote and the Apple Pencil which is brilliant along with many other apps. I can’t help thinking that you’ll have buyers regret if you get something cheaper. Despite the fact that all iPads are great and premium devices, the iPad Pro is built for speed and that is what you need. If you cant justify the Pro, get the Air. From what I hear it is an excellent device.

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Thanks for y’alls advice, does anyone here own an Ipad Air (newest one) and would be willing to share how IF runs on that device?

Definitely the IPad Pro I use it it’s awesome


See my edit to my original post, just added to it again.


I did buddy 😁👍🏽

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Check out the iPad mini 5. That’s the iPad I use

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I have the base model iPad 6th generation. As of now it’s $250 on Amazon; it works like a charm. But if you plan to use it for more than infinite flight, get one with more storage cause IF pro takes up around 5 gigabytes which doesn’t seem like a lot but that decreases a lot of storage from the iPad. Especially considering that l the “system” storage (iOS) takes up about 7 gigabytes.

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I will say I would not recommend under 32gb storage because my IF uses about 14gb

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From listening and researching a little more, here are my options:

Ipad (6th Generation) - Latest
Ipad Air (3rd Generation) - Latest
Ipad Pro 11 inch - Latest (Note that I will probably need to find one refurbished/renewed on Amazon)

I bought my iPad from BestBuy for $250 it’s has 64GB and it runs IF just fun with max settings. There was a smaller one but it was a lot more expensive because mine was on sale from $335. I guess you just have to know where to look.

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I have a 2018 IPad 9.7 with all settings on high and it runs smoothly.


Hey that’s the Same one I have! 😀


Note that the 9.7 inch iPad has a few flaws.

  1. No Flashlight

  2. No weather app

  3. No Calculator app

  4. Most of them are WiFi-Only

Other than that it’s great. 👍

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I would suggest the iPad 2018. The Air costs £200 more so is it worth it? Probably not, simply upgrade a year or 2 sooner in the future. It will only work out £10o extra that way over I would say a decade as my Air 2 is still working with max settings and I have no need for my Pro on IF.

Anything else is just overkill, that’s precisely why I never use my pro for IF, the Air 2 does the job fine but something newer makes more sense for future proofing.