iPad problem with battery

So ever since the new update with the x cub my iPad it’s a 6
generation and when I have it on low power mode with a charger and the brightness down it kills it like it will drop 30 to 40% in one hour can someone plz help oh and when it’s not on low power mode full brightness and not with a charger it’s bad it will drop 50 to 60% in one hour

Do you have limit frame rate on?

There is nothing to really fix it. The xcub was a big file to download I just recommend keeping it plugged in. Turn your graphics down perhaps and anti aliasing.

No it’s not on

How’s storage on your device?

Yes I was wrong it is on what should I do


Make sure it’s on, low power mode also and turn the brightness down during non critical phases of flight. Full brightness compared to half can almost halve your battery life.

Tap the pic for better view

How do I know it’s on

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