IPad Pro?


Shopping for a new IPad and wondering if dropping the extra money for an IPad Pro vs the standard iPad will make a substantial difference in quality while flying. Any feedback greatly appreciated


Standard iPad as in 2017(or earlier) 9.7in model? I would go with the pro.


Nah, I have the iPad 2017, and it runs at max graphics just fine. I think the
‘iPad’ is good, get the pro if you want to keep it for a long while, though.

More info on what devices are good for Infinite Flight:


Actually I was looking at the newest 10 1/2” IPad pros. Thanks


I would recommend the 10.5 in pro. The 12.9 (I think it’s 12.9)is just too big (for me)


Ok Great. My last IPad was only a few years old and it couldn’t keep up with the graphics. The taxi way lines were not solid lines and other issues with speed of the standard iPad. I was hoping a faster processor would eliminate that.


iPad Pro 10.5 inch is just awesome for flying. Never had any laggs even when flying in heavy traffic.


I’ve been rocking the iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd Gen) [2017] since last year summer ;)

Review Time: Ummm idk, let’s see…

  1. No App Crash, none like out of the blue where the drive shuts off.

  2. Lag free, almost completely, well i personally don’t experience any lag that is out f the ordinary and by ordinary i’m talking about 200 planes, Event at KDEN, the thing went still perfectly fine, no lag, clean stuff ;)

  3. High setting all of them, and maxing out on airplane count, no issues, no lag, and battery drain, not a huge concern, you’ll get a good time flying without needing to charge, but i have personally put on limit frame rate and always have it charged except for 1-2h short hauls, where i dim the screen to 50% brightness and let it be, works wonders.

You have the 3 options that i can think of and them being:

  1. Go all out, spend it all on iPad Pro (2nd Gen, 2017) [10.5 or 12.9 inch, your choice], the last years variant, the one i own, and you got yourself a power house. In the long run, the Pro will get you far, this is Apple’s strongest iPad in the market right now, the top tier, high end stuff, it’ll work for years to come.

  2. Buy the iPad 9.7 inch model (2018) variant, strong, powerful, you can max out the grapischs just like on the Pro but in the long term it’ll not fair up to the Pro, this thing will get you around for the coming years before you’ll need to upgrade again, since IF is alway pushing and moving forward, the sim will be more and more demanding as time goes on.

  3. Wait! Yup, wait until September as Apple has scheduled to is unveil their new iPad Pro (2018) model and that thing should be crushing the game, the competition would be over when comparing specs on paper, the new iPad Pro will be one of the, if THE strongest/powerful tablet device out there… set your calendar and hold on for a little longer, they are rumored to have minimal bezels.

Buuuut it’s a long shot and by that I mean, they will cost quite a lot, but if your budget can cover it… then go for it, no doubt about it!


I have the IPad Air and It’s very laggy!I am getting to buy the new 2018


Personally I would say no. I have an Air 2 for IF and my Pro 12.9 Second gen for everything else. Any newer iPad will do the job perfectly, the Air 2 is slightly laggy at time but it’s still very good for a four year old device with everything on max settings. The iPad 2018 is your best option and I would only get a pro if you want a larger screen. That’s the only reason I have one as I watch a load of videos and stuff like that so the 12.9 inch pro made perfect sense. The IPad 2018 is like three times cheaper so the pro might keep going for maybe a year longer but with these budget iPads you could get 3 of them throughout the future and it still won’t cost as much as the pros. (Should the price not fluctuate) hopefully that helps, the Pro might seem so much better but in reality it’s not a massive difference and you would certainly see very little if any of an advantage from its performance over a new IPad 2018.


Thanks all for the great feedback!
I think my decision is buy the cheaper iPad and wait until fall and see what comes out. If Apple releases an air pad pro that screams with speed then I’ll give the iPad to the kids and buy the pro.


My iPad Air 2 is less powerful than the standard iPad 2018 model, yet it runs perfectly at max everything. It might be able to load the airframes of a couple more aircraft at a super busy airport (like FNF expert server) than the standard iPad 2018 model, but not much more than that.


I’m running it on the 9.7 inch iPad 2018 and it runs flawlessly, all max settings no lag. The 2018 iPad has the A10 fusion chip vs the 2017 with the A9.


I would wait until September when Apple is set to release the 2018 iPad Pros, which will have a similar look to the iPhone X (small bezels, FaceID) and will also be very powerful. And, it probably won’t have a notch. You can decide after it’s revealed which one you decide to get based on the pricing.

Also, @Captain_JR, it’s pretty much confirmed now, so it’s not a matter of if a new top-of-the-line iPad Pro will come, it’s more question of what it will look like, be priced at, and how fast it will be.


Actually, I take that back. Since the iPad Pro will be more powerful, the battery might last a little longer while running Infinite Flight compared to the normal iPad 2018 or my iPad Air 2. And like @AIDoLS said, the next iPad Pros will likely be coming with a full-screen display and Face-ID. So like AIDoLS said, I’d wait until the release of this year’s iPad Pros before deciding for sure which one to buy.


I got the iPad Pro about a year ago… Runs the game perfectly! The sound is amazing on the pros! I would recommend it!


I‘m currently playing on the iPad Pro 9.7 and its running great. Even at the Denver Fly-Out I had no issues with all setting max and airplane count very high. But since Apple should launch their new iPads next month, I would wait if the price of the other models drops.


Would wait for the new pro if it was me…


I just got the iPad 9.7 and it works, and looks, great.


IPad Pro 12.9 any day. It’s big and packs a punch, never hade any problem with it.a