iPad Pro

Hey guys i just got the iPad Pro. I was playing IF and relized that the graphics are the same as my 5 year old iPad mini
Can i change this plz help

Sure thing. Go to your live settings and put everything to max and arm anti aliasing. You can switch the aircraft count to high as well.

Be sure to restart the app so that the graphics changes take affect ;)


Simply go to settings-graphics-and up the graphics.

I don’t think I have that screen

To add on to Chris’ solution, make sure you aren’t actively in-game when attempting to change your graphic settings or else you won’t see all of the available options. You should be on the main menu screen, instead. :)

Everyone on planet earth who plays Infinite Flight has that screen :)

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Sure you do it’s at the upper left part of your screen. It looks like a gear or sprocket next to the question mark.

Click on Fly Online from the home screen and click the gear like I mentioned.

I was in live so I couldn’t change it lol. It is way better and looks amazing well worth it thank you all


No problem we are always here for you :)

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