iPad Pro Yoke

Hey I can’t find any good yokes and I dont know which one to get, can anyone list me IPad Pro yoke, because they have a bigger charging cable then the other iPad Pros.

I dont know for sure but a logitech saitek yoke should work for infinite flight connect

Is it Bluetooth?

By looking at your profile picture, account name and the fact that you only recently created it here on the ifc, I’m going to ask a serious question.

Are you at the stage where you believe that a yoke is something you really, really need? And do you know how to use one?

But if you desperately need one then use the search feature in the top left to find many great threads by other users.

You should definitely listen to what @Hamza.N has to say, but to answer your question: No, it is not Bluetooth. I haven’t come across a Bluetooth yoke on this forum or even on the internet, as the inputs would be delayed because a wired connection is faster than a wireless one and yokes, rudder pedals, and a throttle quadrant are more complicated for a program to read than a joystick & throttle quadrant.

No, I’m just looking for one because I’m afraid of bending my iPad and it would be more comfortable for landings.

I have been using my ipad without a case for 6 years now, just for IF

No bends at all! 🤨

I’m just considering a nice joystick after 2 years of flying every day. I want one purely for realism and possibly a challenge. Gotta save up though

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I’d use the Logitech joysticks for this. Here’s my preference

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Don’t judge a book by its cover.

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