iPad Pro throttle doesn't work

I Just got the app on my iPad Pro. I can’t move the throttle up. When I “kill” the app and restart it, it sometimes works, but then stops working.

Operating system? What is the size (GB) of your iPad?

@swang007 Knows

Um… sorry I don’t


iPad Pro 128 GB (LTE) iOS 9.1
Update: Throttle seems to work in regular fly mode - but not in tutorial (original lesson).

I have the 128 iPad pro without LTE and it works fine. Just wait for a staff member to answer so we can get this resolved:)

@philippe please could you resolve this problem

That is due to you need to read the messages in the tutorials. The game will take your throttle and all the other contrils and explain them one by one to you (therefire you can’t always cibtroll the throttle). Read the messages it guves you and you’ll understand.

Thank you for that. I’ll continue to try. I was aware of the fact that the instructor sometimes is flying. But during those times when he says to now increase the throttle, it doesn’t respond. It’s not a big deal. I’m enjoying learning by doing and by reading other tutorials. I appreciate the community. Thanks.