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Is High really the highest setting or is there something missing? I only ask because in video games you’ve got Ultra etc so I assumed IF may have it as well. As the title says I am running a new iPad Pro 11. I also heard of an Airplane Quality Setting but have not found this. Edit: I see that Rendering Resolution controls Airplane Quality but someone in another thread spoke of a dedicated setting.

Yes, high is the highest :)

There was a dedicated setting at some point back in time, but it’s been a while.


Just curious but I remb there was ludicrous few months back, what happened to it?

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Yeah, I was seeing people talking about that as well.

It’s the equivalent of “high”. We’ve had to tweak and adjust these settings for the past few months due to coming changes.


Oh right, makes sense. Considering there are devices such as the iPad Pro around which have insane amounts of power packed inside of them, should we expect to see more options in the future for higher end devices or will the highest quality stay labeled as high? More customization would be good especially for lower end devices which can be fine tuned easier as well as allowing the higher end devices to be pushed to their limits. Edit: sorry if this has already been talked about, I don’t catch up with this stuff often.

Not likely.
The problem with having too much settings is that it would be too confusing for the normal user. Many apps only have one setting.

Customizing settings per device would be quite complex as well, as things always change in terms of performance as we update and the manufacturers update. A device that may have worked great just little over a year ago, may not work great today.

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You make a good point, I’m probably looking at it a little too much like a desktop simulator. I guess my brain was thinking IF would look like MS Flight Sim 2020 if there was an option that said ‘Ultra’ 😂. Thanks for the info nonetheless.

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Wouldn’t it be great to own your own hardware platform (Xbox) and then have massive amount of resources to resurrect your old flight sim? ;)

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