iPad Pro Scaling


IOS11, 12.9 inch iPad Pro

I don’t quite feel like the scaling is quite right on an iPad Pro. It looks like the icons (so throttle and gear, autopilot etc…) are way too small and HUD is way to big taking up the whole screen. Also when changing camera, the pop up window is too big.
Is there a way to fix this?

Many Thanks

Can you provide a screenshot?
Which size are you using?
9.7 10.5 or the 12.9?

He said he has the 12.9 inch

Just added specs above and here are the screenshots @Kevin_Potthast

Looks normal to me. I don’t see any issues.

The screen is big. It is customized so that you get a good experience. The buttons are normal (they seem so small because of the big screen) and the HUD is taking almost the whole display because it has to. If you are approaching an airport and the HUD is small on a such big display, it wouldn’t be very comfortable.

Just think, if the buttons are too big, and they’re out of reach from your thumbs; you and others would complain that you can’t reach them. I don’t see an issue here.


I’m with @DeerCrusher on this one.

I have an iPad Pro 12.9 and while it took a little of getting used to, I think the interface is great and let’s me enjoy the scenery on a big screen.


Ok, well thanks everyone. I just thought it could be tweaked a bit for the iPad Pro but if everyone thinks it’s good then there is no need.
Thanks Again 👍