iPad Pro M1 & Infinite Flight

Considering how powerful the M1 chip is, you’d expect it to run infinite flight without an issue at 60 fps on the highest graphic settings. And yes, it does work that way.

However, occasionally it does lag at the strangest times possible. An empty Sydney airport causes the game to lag at times.

Which makes me wonder… Does infinite flight recognise and use the iPad’s high performance cores or is it using the efficiency cores? 🤔


Similar to how the iPadOS limited RAM usage of apps, perhaps it limits the number of cores?

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You know what, it actually could be the reason. I heard that apple before didn’t let devs use all the ram, but in an update they changed that and now they can request to use all 8/16GB ram or something 🤷🏽‍♂️

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let me know if you find a solution to this
I’ve been thinking about buying the iPad pro 12.9

don’t take my word for it though. I can’t actually verify that it is the issue, but perhaps the limitation exists

When you mention “lag” are you referring to FPS dropping (assuming you have the performance metrics enabled) ?

On iPad M1, iPasOS allows 5 GB RAM usage by application.

I bought my iPad with the M1 chip for school. I don’t think apple designed this tablet with the intention of gaming in mind. I wouldn’t recommend doing flights with any apple device using 60fps you’ll kill your overall lithium battery health. I don’t think it has to do with infinite flight if you play other games at 60fps it’ll probably lag too. It’s an optimization issue with M1 rendering games launched before M1 was a thing. I think it is fixable with an iOS update.

I doubt that. Brawl Stars runs at 120 fps with no issue. I think it’s an infinite flight optimisation issue

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Yep. This is correct. However, later this month, when iOS 15/iPadOS 15 will be released, apps can use more than the 5GB ram limit. Which is excellent news for iPad Pro owners

Same on iPhone 12 Pro Max,everything else runs smoothly,’except IF’….

That happens to me sometimes i use a iPad Air 4th generation with 4 gigs of ram.

Does this also happen on Solo at the same airports?

I say this because I hardly ever experience lag unless my internet connection gets a little wonky. Other than that, it handles everything quite smoothly.

Yes iPadOS 15 should allow more than 5 GB RAM.
It’s a new entitlement where an application could inform the system that its basic functionalities could be improved with more memory.
But without warranties to be allowed by iPadOS. And the application has to work well with the 5 GB. And no over use of this function.
For example, you are LumaFusion, a video editor for iPad. You are already adapted to this gorgeous iPad Pro M1. You can already mix 6 4K 60 IPS HDR videos and 6 sound tracks more with the 5 GB. You could ask more memory to improve the export speed, just the time to compute it…
[edit September the 16th] Apple will allow an application to use more then 5 Gb RAM on M1 iPad. Just for a short need. 6 GB RAM on iPad Pro M1 8 GB, and 12 GB RAM on iPad Pro M1 16 GB. But for a very short moment to temporarily boost a functionality.

I’m on iPad 5 (2017) with max graphics but 30 FPS and it’s pretty good, I can’t imagine how smooth IF will run when played on iPad Pro

You’re right. But I doubt this lag issue has to do anything with ram. This conversation took a wrong turn. The issue was with wether infinite flight is using the high performance cores or the low performance cores of the M1 chip. I can’t imagine M1 which blazes through everything, getting stumped by infinite flight.

Besides the small hiccups (which are strange for M1 chip), it’s a buttery smooth experience on the highest settings. You get to see tons of aircraft, with 3D scenery, 60 fps, and high texture quality. It’s fantastic. Just need to get this 2-3 second lag on final approach and we’re in for an amazing experience with the M1 and future M iPads.

It’s been a known issue for games brought out before yknow M1 was even a thing. It’s a ticket on apple.

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