iPad Pro Issues


I have an IPad Pro 12.9” which runs IF fine. However today after flying fine in the morning I went into IF in the evening and as I started to use IF (like immediately) my IPad started heating up like crazy! Like really really hot. This is strange. I hadn’t changed anything from the morning, no settings, no updates nothing at all. But yet IF was the culprit of the heating as I have done tests. No other app had this effect on my IPad. Only IF heats it up like this.

Honestly this is so strange for me! I play IF daily on it and this is the first time I am experiencing problems with it. Again as I have said nothing was changed from the morning flights which where fine and in the evening it just started to heat up like crazy!

Let me know if anything can be done or if its something to do with the app itself.

Many Thanks

I have an iPad Pro 9.7, after a while it usually gets pretty heated. I am fairly sure that this is normal. Keep in mind that this is a very demanding app and that iPads are not really meant for gaming. Most of your other apps do not require the specs that IF does.

Hello! If we can further assist, let me ask you this. Any apps running in the background? My suggestion would be closing all of them to improve performance.

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Try rebooting it, it might solve that issue, or enable low power mode if you don’t have it on.

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Would you happen to have your IPad charging?
Devices tend to heat up more when plugged in.

No it is not, trust me. It never gets heated and then this evening it’s like really hot after on,y using the app for a minute! Not even getting off the ground.

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Done that, closed every app in background and still nothing changed.

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Um, stupid question but did you leave it by a window or in the sun?

Can’t enable low power as it doesn’t exist on IPad, and I have rebooted and nothing. Also my brightness is at 0 and I have done everything to make sure that’s not causing the heating!

No, it’s night at the moment

No the option in the IF settings.

Please also bare in mind it has been fine in the morning and for the past months I have been using IF. I am very puzzled.

Oh yes. That has always been enabled for me.

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Please read this…

Maybe this is your issue?


Why does it matter? My iPads gotten hot many times to the point you can’t hold it without a case. It’s been like that since the very first iPad. They get hot when performing demanding tasks, if it got too hot it will automatically turn off anyway to cool down. Nothing to worry about.


Nope, not charging just in my hamds as usual. And even in the past I have charged my iPad whilst flying and it’s been fine.


Are you sure! My iPad has never heated before with IF or any app. It’s very powerful and tbh it shouldn’t be doing.

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Yes I’m Sure. I have had enough experience with them to know this. New or not it can and will happen. I have the same device and it also gets hot. IF isn’t like the normal run of the mill applications so expect it to heat up more.

If you worry then put low power mode on, limit frame rate and turn the brightness down. Close all other apps aswell to reduce the processing behind the scenes for apps running in the background.

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Ok, strange it’s never been like this before though. Also been cool and normal until tonight where it just heated like mad.

Thanks for the help.

Technology isn’t always predictable or consistent. Don’t worry about it much.

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