iPad Pro IF

I can’t wait till the iPad pro comes out, image playing Infinite Flight on that beast.


Getting it just for IF 👌🏻


Will be quite impressive. Size of a small laptop screen o_O

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Not just for IF I’m just saying imagine playing IF on it

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Haha tru. I’m probably going to get it for other reasons too, but one of the highlights will be IF

Infinite Flight graphics are somewhat limited by the software as oppose to the hardware. I use a £4 slimport which allows me to plug my 7 inch nexas 7 into my 30 inch computer monitor via HDMI, and unlike miracast etc there is no delay. It’s really cool to play Infinite Flight on a big screen, the tablet fundamentally just becomes my yoke and control panel. I would love the iPad, but I’m not sure that it would improve the experience for me.



I would, actually. I’m so dedicated to IF that I would buy a $800 tablet with keyboard upgrades just for it. If there was a laughing emoticon still enabled, I would use it.

For now… Hardehehar!

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It’s funny I’m getting it for my birth day I can’t wait to play on that

How do you play if with a keyboard

For the display it would be great but if I’m going to be spending that much $$ on a device I’d rather a nvidia shield :p

Yeah I know it’s awesome

It’s out;)