iPad Pro heating issues on 20.1

After updating to 20.1 my iPad Pro 12.9 is heating up (brightness level minimum, battery saver mode on) 3 hours in flight I had to kill the application as I don’t want my device to overheat over night or any damage in long run, didn’t happen in 19.4.

If high end devices are experiencing such issues I’m not sure how others are going to handle it. Please get this fixed ASAP!!!

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yep thats what happens :)

Lets try some constructive support answers 🙂

Have you tried disabling low power mode on the iPad? This can often have an opposite effect with performance and workload

There’s a useful topic here which has some additional steps you can try…

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I have a iPad 2018 and if I don’t turn the brightness to minimum and don’t turn on the low battery mode, it heats, but is causes no issue to me, so don’t worry

Troubleshooting step says to turn off power save mode on iPad as iOS setting, however I’m trying to say that battery save mode or frame limiter is turned on in IF still device is heating up.

Try some of the steps shared to see if they make a difference. I would also recommend posting your graphics settings including airplane count in live

Also if this is happening more so in busy airspaces

This is a known issue, across all devices, that our wonderful devs are working on. This is likely to be corrected in a hot fix soon!😁

I should also say, don’t worry about the device unless that is defective. Virtually all modern devices (iPads certainly included) have built in temperature control. It will pull back it’s processor use if it gets too warm (this is called thermal throttling, and is an extremely common practice across almost all modern computers) and if need be effectively shut itself down. The outside can get pretty darn warm and still be well within what the device is designed to do. Modern devices, especially the iPad Pro, are both incredibly thin and light, and incredibly powerful, this means that there is no room for dedicated cooling, so often the metallic chassis of the device is used as a heat sync. I guess what I’m saying is, there’s no harm in turning down graphics settings to not strain your processor, in fact that’s probably good for the devices health, but unless the device is defective it shouldn’t hurt itself…

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A lot of devices are experiencing more heating issues due to the insane amount of traffic in servers at the moment. Even my device which is very powerful is hotter than usual.

To cool down the battery I recommend setting graphics to low while cruising or not using your device. Turn off anti aliasing and limit the airplane count. All of which can be changed in settings

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My iPad Pro 12.9 3.Gen had the same issues 2 days ago. Since I don’t want to damage the device I‘m using it only for short flights and ATC sessions. My old iPhone 6 will make the long haul flights since I never really use it :)

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Don’t even get me started on how notorious ios devises are prone to overheating on just about anything…

I could be sending a text to my mate and my iPhone would overheat and crash 🤣🤣

Settings are all maxed up. I’ll say airspace was busy as I just entered oceanic track, considering iPad Pro capabilities never felt like reducing graphics. Maybe we can wait for server load to calm down and a hot fix? If this continues to be the case what if iOS decides to kill the app on its own as it throttles?

Wow IP6? If you ask me I’ve tried playing IF on smaller screen devices but experience on iPad Pro is much better…specially with all new features in map.

Maybe try flying in an air conditioned room?:p

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