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My plane and cockpit graphics are really bad on the iPad Pro and I have the app up to date all the time. i noticed that there isn’t the AIRPLANE QUALITY options in the settings… I changed the setting on the menu page but I still don’t see it. Please help

Please change this to support. Thank you.

Settings - Graphics - click the type of graphics and see what you want. Can you share more info and send screenshots?

It must be a bug uninstall the application and then reinstall the application

this is the best graphic setting

Airplane graphic settings are only in the start page, not during a flight.

Not a big, you just need to set the airplane quality in the start page not in game

But its a bug of application.

It’s no bug whatsoever. You can only change the airplane quality in the settings page on the start screen, but not in game. This is because it wouldn’t be able to update it if it already loaded in.

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Yes It depends on the plane you chose some are not well graphism.

Only a couple planes like the C-17 have bad quality. I would just fly the newer ones on high quality until they update the older planes.

I did it on the start screen. just wasn’t there

the a320 quality was bad…

Are all of your settings on high because I think other graphic settings have an effect on it too.

I have an iPad Pro 9,7

These are examples of what graphics look like with all settings on high:
(Very Good)
Do you have any examples to show us?


Restart your device/delete and reinstall the app if you haven’t already. It could only be a minor issue. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of what the aircraft/scenery quality looks like when your settings are at the highest setting? @TrickyRicky

I am using an iPad Pro 12.9 in. 1st Gen. I am on the highest possible settings, and the settings picture is from the start page. Since this is a 787, the cockpit view is obviously going to be great. I’ll try it on the A320 since that’s what you said you were using.

With an A320. The textures aren’t going to be as great since it’s much older.
Is that what you’re seeing?
If you are, there’s npthing that you can fo except wait for FDS to update the aircraft.

I have the same issue. Its only with the 787 , not with any other aircraft. I am unable to download it again. While reinstall is the fix , i have already reinstalled the app twice because of stability issue.

Also , i cant run it in hige graphics , even on a S7 . Things smoothen up only if i switch of anti aisling. But things then gets jagged.

I expected yo enjoy the new update ,but thats not the case as of today.

Issue? I don’t have any issue…
I was trying to help the person that created this topic.