iPad Pro for Infinite Flight

Has anybody used the iPad pro with Infinite Flight yet? If so how does it work?

It’s amazing!

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Really? Do you have it?

Yes and it’s great! It feels heavy and cumbersome at first, but I can never go back to my regularly sized iPad.



Great, I’m exited to get it. Can we use the joystick with it yet?

Works well.

I’m sure they joystick would be amazing with it, but I don’t have that.

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Great thanks

The graphics using the iPad are amazing.


iPad will always be amazing

Can you make a pic with IF open of your iPad? I’m really curious :D

Did you have an iPad before?

Yea, i used to play the game on the iPad Air. Honestly its much easier to control using the iPad Air maybe bc ive gotten used to it and the Pro is really big but its worth it.

just got the iPad air 2, finally no more infinite flight on the iPhone 6+. i tried out the iPad pro, i think it would be right to get once there is joystick support

Great, so you feel iPad pro is better than air. I have air 2

I am confused between iPhone 6+ and iPad Pro …
what do you think??

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IPad definitely.

But the large. size will be a big difference . actually now i have Samsung s4 but performance is not good at all …

If you want big you can do what I do and mirror your IOS device to Apple TV.

I have mine connected to an LG 50" HDTV.

Now THAT’s amazing!