iPad Pro 2021 Performance

Previously I was running IF on a 2019 iPad Air and it maintained 60FPS regularly with high graphics settings. I recently upgraded to a 2021 iPad Pro and on exterior camera’s I am only seeing 40 FPS and only reaching 60 FPS on the HUD view (with the same settings). I thought that the performance on a newer, more powerful iPad would be better or at least the same. Is this expected?

Whilst it’s certainly not expected, it can be due to a multitude of factors, out of curiosity did you buy this new or refurbished or 2nd hand.

I purchased this new from an Apple Store

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I have tried changing different variables i.e. weather, airport, time, aircraft model etc… and the FPS is sitting at 40 pretty much all the time. I know 60FPS is the upper limit but I was consistently at 60FPS on my old iPad air. Is this likely an issue with the app or with my iPad?

I don’t know if it is the issue, but it might be the M1 chip. I am using an iPad 2020 pro and getting 60 fps wherever I go.

It is likely with the iPad itself, since the M1 chip is a bit different than the A series that it’s based off of. Perhaps in the future there’ll be better optimizations for the iPadOS + M1 combination.

I feel like people have had issues with the M1 iPad Pros before when they first came out

Do note I’m not a developer with either iOS or iPad hardware, so I don’t really know the answer.

I just got the new iPad yesterday and was at 60 flying this morning. Maybe check and make sure you have updated OS, and maybe try re-installing IF after?

Unable to reproduce.
I have 60fps everywhere.


- Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021 | 5th gen)
iPadOS 15.2
IF 21.8 (1385)

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