iPad Pro 2020 Stuttery performance

I recently got myself the brand new IPad Pro 11 2020 version and I was expecting it to run Infinite Flight flawlessly however this doesn’t seem to be the case, the FPS is quite stuttery on all aircraft in both solo and live modes, especially those with live cockpits (limit frame rate is off), I was expecting this device to run the game at 60 FPS on high settings especially being equipped with the A12Z processor and 6 GB of ram, I don’t know if this is down to the app itself using the outdated OpenGL ES graphics API or if it’s down to IOS 13 as I am very confident the a device as powerful as mine wouldnt have any issues running the game, it’s kinda frustrating and doesn’t seem like it was worth the upgrade from my older 2016 IPad…


What settings are you currently running (graphics settings, aircraft count, etc.)?

I believe he said max settings

It’s not clearly stated - it’s really hard to help without the crucial information.

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Everything is on high, like i said a device such as mine should be more than capable of running the game at 60 FPS with no stutters


What does your network speed look like. A lot of studdering can attributed to normal network issues.

Also make sure low power mode is enabled in the settings.

Do you have a video of what you are seeing? What you may see as an issue may be normal streaming so it would help to see.

My network connection is very fast, over 60 megabytes per second download speed, there is no difference with low power mode on or off

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Although he wasn’t specific, he did mention his settings already :)


That is quite odd as I have the same iPad and haven’t had any issues at all, I did delete and reinstall IF because it was crashing when I first downloaded it so that may help you

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I thought performance issues were fixed in 20.1.2
I’m flying low quality aircraft (CRJ, 787) in somewhat empty airports
Med/Med/High settings with low plane count, Same settings as before basically
Clear RAM before flight ✔️
Restart phone before flight✔️
Turn off Airspace ✔️
Why am I still experiencing lag? Sometimes more than before the 2nd hotfix
I can’t enjoy a proper landing because FPS drops and screws me up every time
Is upgrading even worth it when I see topics like these every day

This seems like an issue with your connection. Are you running Cellular or WiFi? Is it a stable connection?

Making sure the battery is fully charged allways helps ensuring proper device performance.

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Im having the same problem, My iPhone is a iPhone 7 Plus which is fairly new and can Handle a load but the game is running on like 30 fps when it should be running on like 50-60fps.

Everyone uses “lag” differently. What exactly are you experiencing?

Since iOS 13 it is laggy even on the most powerful iOS devices.
You have to wait they integrate the Metal API.

Since iOS 8 API Metal:
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I have this issue on my iPad Pro 11 2018 as well (A1934).
It’s jumping between 56-60 FPS for a reason we’re not quite sure of.

As @FrankLFRS mentioned, it started to occur with iOS 13 and we believe it should be resolved at latest when we drop OpenGL ES and move over to the Metal Graphics API.


iPhone 7 is 4 years old, wdym?

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I may have discovered something to do with the IOS screen recorder on the iPad Pro, for some reason when I started screen recording the fps all of a sudden went up to 60 fps and stayed at 60 fps in all situations, as soon as I stopped screen recording the fps dropped again, I have notified the support team of this anomaly, it seems very strange that using the IOS screen recorder would improve the performance of infinite flight, again this could be something to do with IOS 13 but I’m sure the team will look into it

It probably isnt a device issue because my iPad mini 2 is having the same lag but I have been able to complete long flights.

Is some sort of interim fix possible? Maybe automatically turn off the frame rate limiter at 8000 ft AGL and below or change how it limits below that altitude? I know this has been an issue since September 2019:

Does this have anything to do with the ProMotion display?