iPad Pro 2020 getting very hot

I have recently noticed since the 20.2 update my IPad Pro 11” 2020 has been getting very hot sometimes and I’m worried it’s going to cause damage to my near £800 device, with the latest technology from Apple in terms or processors I should think that this model of iPad should be able to handle Infinite Flight at high graphics settings without heating up too much. The game doesn’t run at 60 fps but that’s a different issue down to the old code base, I just wondered if anyone else was experiencing their devices getting very hot after the latest release 👍🏻

Maybe for your next flight set your Airplane count on low and graphics also on low. This should allow you to fly without your device burning up.

I shouldn’t have to fly with low settings though when a device such as mine should be able to handle it, it never used to heat up as much as it does before 20.2

Mobile devices are designed to run with these temperatures. However there are a few things you can do to help out.

  • Turn on low power mode - Low power mode is activated while you are away from the device reducing the frame rate until it is being used again.
  • Turn down your brightness. Screens are responsible for a lot of heat.
  • Make sure you are using a high quality charger.
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Adding to what Chris said, it’s a good practice to remove any accessories that are at the back of your ipad, as this a very important spot in ipad’s cooling design.

I do recommend since I have the 12.9” version, to use a thin case that props it up at an angle. It allows more air to go around the device and not build up

If you have a rubber or silicone case like I do my iPad get hot on long hauls if the brightness is too high, but It geting hot is also a good thing If the metal is hot the heat form the CPU is being radiated away if the screen is hot it’s overheating and and graphics need to turned down, also last point a lot of people have been experiencing overheating if updated to iOS 14 even on iPhones they will probably fix it soon with a update.

Project metal should help with this too as Metal doesn’t use as much processing power as OpenGL ES 👍🏻

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My iPad also gets hot when running Infinite Flight. Usually I don’t get a temperature warning, but it’s worth noting that (just as Chris said) most devices these days can accommodate high temperatures. Not to mention Apple and thermals don’t get along well! 😉

I can also recommend from personal experience to set your device on a cool surface or near an outlet of air circulation, such as beside a window.

Is this significantly noticeable, or hindering performance?

I recently ordered the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9”, which is why I am asking…

One thing that I’ve noticed and I’ve already brought it up with the devs is that infinite flight does not run at 60 fps on the iPad Pro 2020, they said that this is down to the fact that infinite flight is using and old code base which is outdated for the current operating systems, i would say it runs at around 55 fps with some noticeable stutters, however, (bare with me as this is hard to explain) when the built in IOS screen recorder is activated in the background, the game suddenly runs flawlessly at 60 fps, it’s a very strange issue that the devs have also been made aware of, I’m hoping project metal fixes these problems but no one knows yet…

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