iPad Pro 2020 Battery Usage and Optimization


I recently bought a 2020 iPad Pro 12.9” for educational purposes, with a little bit of intended IF use.

On my previous device (2015 iPad Pro 12.9”), I used it solely for IF, and it ran great! However, whenever I did a flight, I used to constantly charge my device, and overtime (over a span of 3 years), the battery lifespan and quality of life drastically reduced compared to if I did not run IF.

Because I want to use my new 2020 iPad Pro mostly for education, I am hesitant to fly anymore because I don’t want to constant keep the device charging.

NOTE: I have enabled low power mode, graphics settings are all low/none, anti aliasing is off, and my device brightness is constantly at its lowest while cruising. I have taken a look at the tutorials page and the manuals from IF, and I’ve also consulted the device compatibility thread for 20.1. None of these have resulted in sufficient answers!

Should I proceed ahead and use my new device like I used to (constantly keep charging) or should I just not fly? Do you have any other tips for how to not destroy the battery?

Thanks for the input! 😁

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I think putting on charging a device destroys the battery especially Apple products. I would prefer flying :)

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Hey thanks for the help,

Anymore input would be great!

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Before 20.1 I was able to do 12hrs flight without a charger on my iPad but now I have to plug in my device after 6hrs of use. When I don’t use IF battery backup on my iPad is good but not with IF now.

So do you recommend I charge in sessions?

Like I charge the device for 30 mins, and then keep uncharged for 2 hrs, and then repeat?

I was also thinking something along those lines, but that would require so much more attention give to the device itself while cruising, especially for ULH, 15+ hour flights

Fully charge it before using IF and when the battery is about 20% during a long flight use a charger.

iPad can still handle 6-7 hrs of flight without a charger

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