iPad Pro 2018 Lag and Not Smooth

I saw it, that is not lag from graphics tho

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I am also getting the same processor benchmark results with other a12x devices

As I said it also happens when I choose the plane and etc.

I don’t seem to find any type of lagging issues so far.

May I ask if you are referring to the fact that the input is delayed? Where the screen doesn’t scroll with your finger?

You need to eliminate things here man to find the issue. When is it lagging during what use of Infinite Flight?

It does so there is no delay issue, IF isn’t just as smooth as in Xr

Everytime so basically all the time I am using the app

In everyday the iPad Pro is definitely better and more powerful than that of the XR. I don’t understand how the iPad Pro is running worse than XR. Can you elaborate?

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I don’t kinda know how to elaborate more because the stuff I wrote above are all the issues.

You need to figure out how to explain what’s happening before asking people for help😂

The screen recording doesn’t exactly help, since I don’t see any sort of lag.

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https://gofile.io/?c=OttvyR Xr for comparison.
https://gofile.io/?c=83GgwF iPad

I believe now I understand what you are trying to point out. It seems like the XR is running full 60fps while the iPad isn’t

So ok, when I start a flight (choose airport and choose plane) IF is slightly laggy and it feels like it’s stuck to like around 30-40 FPS. I get the same frames when I take off or land.

Alright I see what you mean. That is just in the map before you spawn. I get a little lag there too on my iPad Air 2 but once I spawn in it’s fine. I even run on ludicrous graphics usually not a problem.

Yes, also sorry about my bad English.

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This could be the difference between the build of the iPad version app of IF compared to the iPhone version.

It’s alright my friend I’m glad if we can help you out :)

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Ok. So this is how an iPad works.

If the device has been situated in stand by for a period of time, the processor will most likely lower its clock speed, which means it might not output as much performance as you wished and expected. If you are looking for that smoothness, you might want to allow the iPad to run for some time so that iOS notices the usage and ramps up the clock speed.

Try running intensive tasks before launching Infinite Flight and see if it gets smoother. The CPU will be at full power by then.


But it’s laggy when I fly too, I’ll actually add new videos so you can them too.