iPad Pro 2018 Lag and Not Smooth

Can you elaborate more on how lag or lack of responsive the simulator is?

Any videos or screenshots?

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Are you on the IF Facebook fan group, there is actually a video of it I can show you.

Unfortunately I haven’t joined FaceBook with Infinite Flight. Mind if you share it here?

It is pretty surprising to understand that the iPad Pro wouldn’t run smoothly, since no mobile device can be more powerful than this device. So we sort of conclude that there is nothing to do with the device’s power. Then it might be something with the accounts or the applications.

Ok I will.

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I have a 11 inch iPad Pro and IF plays buttery smooth. Really odd. Maybe try closing any apps running in the background? I have once or twice received ‘device memory low’ on the new iPad, but still never saw any performance issues with it.


Please make suer when playing IF to have all background apps closed as well!.

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Also I am getting the same geek bench results with the other 11” iPad pros

I will now take a look at the video.

Keep in mind if all other things work except infinite flight which is using the processor very intensely then maybe just the processor is defective.

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Unfortunately the link that you have shared @TurkishFlyer doesn’t seem to work. I am unable to play the video.

Correction: Now I can.

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I saw it, that is not lag from graphics tho

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I am also getting the same processor benchmark results with other a12x devices

As I said it also happens when I choose the plane and etc.

I don’t seem to find any type of lagging issues so far.

May I ask if you are referring to the fact that the input is delayed? Where the screen doesn’t scroll with your finger?

You need to eliminate things here man to find the issue. When is it lagging during what use of Infinite Flight?

It does so there is no delay issue, IF isn’t just as smooth as in Xr

Everytime so basically all the time I am using the app

In everyday the iPad Pro is definitely better and more powerful than that of the XR. I don’t understand how the iPad Pro is running worse than XR. Can you elaborate?

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I don’t kinda know how to elaborate more because the stuff I wrote above are all the issues.