iPad Pro 12.9” controls


I know that this have been brought to your attention in Aug 17 and the answer was that this would be fixed on the next update, but it looks like that it hasn’t been fixed. I bought an IPad Pro 12.9” and the controls are too small (smaller comparing to normal IPad) and I can’t work with VS and Heading. Would be great if you could please take a look at this. Many thanks

The iPad pro does have a massive screen.

Are the buttons difficult to press?


It is actually good to have it like that.
You can access the buttons with your thumb while flying (if they would have been big you wouldn’t be able to press all of them with your thumb) and you have more sight of the RWY if you are approaching.


Look closer at the images, the slider becomes blocked by the edge

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It used to exist on the iPad Pro 10.5 as well. It was fixed with the Global Update and according to this topic back from August 2017, it should have been fixed for the 12.9 version as well.

I don’t have this problem on my 10.5“ iPad anymore since Global. Interesting that it still occurs on the 12.9 version.

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Go into the about section on the first page, and see what the device is listed as in the upper left hand corner. iOS version is also needed for this.


Thanks for linking. I have noticed this too. Not really an issue, but it would be great if it could be changed.

Many thanks for the tip Brandon!! It shown 17.12.6553.18396- Unknown. The slider goes appears on the right of Heading and VS and I can’t actually see the numbers. Many thanks

What iOS are you running?
Also is yours the cellular version?
I have the same thing on mine and we have yet to track down the cause in beta.

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Hi Brandon, sorry I forgot to mention. The IOS version of my IPad Pro 12.9” 2015 is IOS 11.2.6
Many thanks

I’ll continue bringing this up in beta as we continue with the CRJ.

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Cellular version. Many thanks Brandon, I really appreciate all your help.

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Which cellular network mine is Verizon.

It’s called O2, I live in UK and I always use WIFI anyway

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