IPad Pro 11”

Hello as I’m going to buy the new iPad Pro 11” I want to ask u if infinite flight has the adapted screen, so if the app covers all the display. Thank u a lot.


Hey there! I suggest taking a read through this topic made here!


To give you the short and direct answer to your question(s) 👇

Yes. The full width of the screen is utilized by the Application when running Infinite Flight on the iPad Pro 11", in other words, if you are worried about black bars appearing on the sides or top of the screen, then don’t worry, as the application uses the full screen, from side to side, top to bottom, corner to corner.


Thank u. And does it runs if good?

Above @RyanR linked to a thread which tells you all about how well it runs, so I recommend you check it there, but from my personal experience, Infinite Flight has been working flawlessly on the iPad Pro 11" / 12.9", ever since I bought it back in late 2017, during launch day :)

I have pro 12.9, awesome.

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