Ipad Pro 10.5

Hi all, i just have some especially question. I have the Ipad Pro 10.5 and have one small, but annoying thing in IF.
I have a dropping fps, while standing in the airport or inbounding alone or just with 2-3 other players. Graphics is set to the high.

Do you have Limit Frame Rates on? Is your internet fast?
It may help to clear all background apps before you play Infinite Flight.
Please provide information like this to allow us to help you to the best of our abilities.

Try a device restart.

A question: How much storage do you have left?

I have read some reports about lagging issues for the iPad Pro 10.5 and in some cases a simple device restart helped. But for other people, that wasn’t enough. If that didn’t help you:

Reset all settings
In the Settings app select General > Reset > Reset All Settings. After you confirm the selection and settings are cleared, go ahead and reboot your device again.
You’ll have to re-enter your settings on an app-by-app basis, but you won’t lose content in any of your apps (that’s what the Erase All Content and Settings option is for).

Can you provide details of what you mean by dropping FPS? What is the low number that it dropped to and on what screen? A screen shot would be great if possible.

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I’m flying just with IFAssistant
No, Limited Frame Rate isnt set

I mean that dropping fps = not so smooth at the empty airport

Which view are you in? Is it like that for all views or are some better than others?

Sometimes for Locked external view, sometimes for both (cockpit and external)

Ok, i’ll try this method

You can also try clearing the scenery cache from your settings page and see if that makes a difference.

I tried that also, but no, it isn’t working

My iPad does this when I:
a) haven’t restarted the device before starting IF/new flight
b) haven’t cleared all background apps and processes before starting IF/new flight

Even my iPad Pro has trouble with the fps if it has other processes still going on in the background. This isn’t a one-time thing, it’s an everytime thing, you should be restarting your devices if you want a smooth IF experience before each flight. Otherwise you risk the glitches, breaks in gameplay, lag, etc.

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Ok, i understand you, thanks

That is strange that you are experiencing this problem. I also have an iPad Pro 10.5 and don’t seem to be having this same issue.

Yeah, i think so too. Of course, if around me a lot of players - i understand why it runs not so smoothly. But when i’m alone and it isnt so smoothly - i dont understand that