Ipad pro 10.5 question

Hello everyone!

My name is Frenchix1 and I want buy a new device for infinite flight!

And I want to know if the iPad pro 2017 work properly with infinite flight, if we can play with it with full graphics with online traffic at very light with 0 lag?


Make sure to have a look at the device compatibility thread for some valuable information from other community members that have the same device:


Hello, I also have an Ipad Pro 10.5 and it works great on the highest of settings with very little to zero lag.

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As an owner of a 2017 12.9, you should do perfectly fine on all highs with the newer more powerful generation. 👍🏻

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And with the xcub live cockpit? @Nate_Schneller

Yep. It can handle that

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