iPad Pro 10.5 issue

Using the new iPad Pro 10.5: on the autopilot controls on the right side of the IF screen, when you touch the HDG and VS controls, the flyout appears to the right, under your finger, so you can’t see the values as they change. The Trim and Flaps controls are ok. Their values appear to the left as usual, where their values are not obscured by your finger.

The flyout for the small radar view on the left of the IF screen now pops out to the right of the radar view, instead of the left where there is more room, and where it usually appears.

I was previously using the iPad Air 2. Not sure if anyone else is seeing the same thing, or if this bothers anyone else, but I thought I would pass this along to developers in case they want to take a look at it.


From what I know the iPad 10,5 is soo new therefore the develops need to adjust the interface like they did with previous iPad Pro versions. Also, try take a picture to explain the issue better. Albeit, it shouldn’t be a hard fix.


So, you have the brand new iPad Pro then? As it is a previously unavailable screen size, FDS have most likely not addressed the reorganising of the button layout. I don’t think this is a quick fix style issue, and instead I think just wait for an update.

You could always try restarting, and reinstalling but I doubt it will accomplish much


This shouldn’t be a massive issue, most apps would be perfectly fine on that device as it’s only a few inches larger then the 9.7 inch that previously was sold so it should be more of a auto sizing thing, try reinstalling the app and restarting your device. If not them you may need to wait for an update.


Hey Robert, thanks for the issue report. Would it be possible for you to include a screenshot? It would be useful to see what you are referring to with the mini-map in-particular so we can take a look at it.



Oooohhh I forgot you are a dev now. First thing for you to fix! 😂

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I have already brought this issue to @Tyler_Shelton privately. Because it is a new device, it will be falling on the lower priority list with global and other things taking the top spots.

I too am having the same issue. It appears to be an optimization issue but we’ll just have to be patient and wait some time.

Because I didn’t see the OP include pictures here is what he is referring to

Heading and other controls that lie within the marked circle.

Mini map

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First Public thing to fix*

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Hi Cameron. I’m attaching four screen shots.

  1. HDG value popping out to the right where it is covered by your finger.

  2. VS value popping out to the right where it is covered by your finger.

  3. TRIM value popping out to the left, which is where it normally appears. The FLAPS value also continues to pop out correctly to the left.

  4. Mini-Map controls popping out to the right of the mini-map, encroaching on the compass. On my iPad Air 2 this always popped out to the left where there is empty screen real estate.

Hope this helps.

  • Robert Summers


Thanks for the feedback, Robert. As many others have said, this won’t be an immediate priority as the device is only a week old but we will continue to track feedback such as this to improve as soon as practical. My iPad Pro 10.5 arrives in about an hour so I’ll be right there with you!

We appreciate the report and will keep everyone updated on progress and fixes as we make them. Stay tuned here on the community forum!