iPad Pro 10.5 inch controls size issue.

The controls on the iPad Pro 10.5 inch are too small and are located down in the corner making them hard to reach. I know this is a problem that has been reported before. However the posts I found regarding the issue are either pre-global posts or it is the same problem but on the iPad Pro 12 inch.

Not all of them are pre-global. And the 12.9-version has the same “problem”. The reason for that is the same for both devices, so no big difference because of the size.

I think this is more of a case of familiarity and muscle memory. If you are holding the device with both hands it’s fine. At least for me after transitioning from the iPhone, Air 2 to the Pro 10.5.

I actually come from an even older Ipad, the controls on that were much larger. So what you are saying is that this is how its supposed to be?

Sure, you should be able to reach the UI buttons fairly easily if you are holding the device on both sides.

Then it might just be me not being used to it. Either way I have a pretty hard time trying to reach the rudder which is a bit of a pain, but I guess Ill just have to get used to it then…

You can’t reach the rudder with your thumb is what you are saying? Have you tried changing your grip a bit?

I’ve used the iPad Pro 12.9 (slightly bigger than the 10.5 inch) when paying IF for the past 9 months and personally i don’t feel like it’s a problem. I’ve never thought of the buttons to be too small. I would say that you’ll get used to it.

He’s using the 10.5. Not sure why everyone keeps mentioning the 12.9 when the OP clearly stated all of this in his first post. This is where offering some recommendations and suggestions comes into play to help the end user have a more enjoyable experience.

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Because buttons are almost the same size on both iPads and if the 10.5 inch is smaller then it shouldn’t be a bigger problem to reach the buttons.

I mean if you get a sturdy grip with both hands around the device, and use you thumbs for rudder and throttle then you should be able to reach.

Well whatever… Feel free to close this topic


Can you screenshot the screen just to ensure you aren’t dealing with a known bug? We would like to see the configuration and size of the buttons.

Du får också gärna gå till ”About” och kolla vad som står i det övre vänstra hörnet. Tänker främst på om det står ”Unknown” eller iPad.

Sorry Chris. Lol.


No issue here, looks the same as mine. Just a matter of getting used to things ;)

Det står “iPad7” I hörnet.

ah ok. Well at least I know then.