iPad Pro 10.2 9th Gen

Hey IFC! I just got a new iPad to fly and I was wondering what are the best settings for it? It’s an iPad Pro 10.2 9th Gen and I was wondering what are the best settings for flying. Thanks!

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I recommend taking a read through the topic below that explains the recommended settings for your device and similar devices which will lead to the best device performance possible:

Let us know if you have any questions. Take care!

Max settings are more than supported, but to save battery, I’d suggest just turning anti aliasing off and 30fps on.

Also considering your device runs on an A13 Bionic chip it should hold up really well if those settings are maintained 👍

Awesome! Now what about for long hauls? What tips do you have to have the game not crash while landing, especially at larger airports like EGLL?

A few basic suggestions that may assist in reducing the chance of the app crashing whilst approaching busy airports include lowering your airplane count and object density count in-app. Also, I strongly recommend restarting your device before a long haul.

Is there anything in flight that you recommend I should do for long hauls? I hear people often turning graphics down and starting straight into the cockpit seat during cruise to help reduce the chance of crashing as well. Do you think that’d be necessary?

I personally don’t do this during my long hauls and have experienced none to very little crashing throughout my long haul flights. However, if you do believe that there is a risk of your app crashing during your long haul then there is no harm in taking the preventative measures that you’ve mentioned above.

Sounds good, thanks for the help! Do you perhaps use the same device as me?

I use the iPad Air 5th Gen and it runs Infinite Flight perfectly. The iPad Pro is a powerful device and you should have very minimal issues using the device to fly on Infinite Flight.

Oh okay. Thanks again for all the help!

No worries at all. Have a great day!

There’s no 9th gen ipad pro, you’re probably referring to the base model ipad

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Do you guys think my iPad could run 60fps perfectly fine even on long hauls?

Yes, However I would set it to 30 While Cruising. And Please move this to Support if you need any further help

Is this a technical issue with the app? No, it’s not. Which is why it shouldn’t be in Support :)

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This is a technical problem.

No, it’s a question whether or not a device would be able to run at a certain setting or not. That’s not the same as a problem.


ok… just was trying to help my bad

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