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Good evening. I use translation software, so it may be incomplete English.

Is it necessary to use a PC when using a joystick as in the past with the recently released iPad OS or iOS13?
Can I connect Extreme pro 3D directly to an iPad using an adapter? Please let me know if you have tried.


Hey there @kanatomo, welcome to the community! Language is not an issue here, we are all united by aviation :)
Due to iOS system limitations, you cannot directly plug a joystick into your ipad. You need to download additional software on your computer called https://connect.liveflightapp.com/ to set up an interface between the joystick and the device. Fortunately, there have been many topics made on this topic in #thirdparty. You can follow the instructions on the link attached below!

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I heard that iPad OS supports the use of joysticks.
Is it really what you have said?

iPad OS only supports wireless gaming controllers, which I believe currently are the PS4 controllers and the Xbox one controller. Any joystick or gaming controllers that requires a cable cannot directly be connected to an apple device. Could you be more specific as to what joystick you are using and if it has a cable or wireless capabilities?

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Thank you for replying me.
I am not native English speakers so i can not explain well. I often use a joystick called Extreme pro 3D.
It cannot use Bluetooth connection.
It has a USB type a cable.

Hi, I think you should wait for Infinite Flight support controllers for iOS.
iPad OS 13 and iOS 13 now support PS4 and Xbox controllers, but it is not integrated into Infinite Flight yet.
I’m sure they will bring support for those controllers especially. Otherwise it would be a technological suicide.

As i have iPad Air 3rd generation and Logitech Extreme 3D Pro; i can confirm that there’s no direct connection allowed between the stick and the Apple devices… Unfortunately we’re obliged to use a network app which is subject to connection issues… Hope we can plug our sticks directly into iPad devices to overcome connection issues…

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