iPad Orientation

Ok, Recording Videos using an iPad is painful as the orientation is strange, there are HUGE black borders from each side, how does one overcome it?

Do you have rotation lock turned on perhaps? Swipe down from the top right to open Control Center and check if there’s a rotating arrow around a lock symbol highlighted.

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I sometimes use my iPad for IF and I’ve never experienced having huge black borders on my screen.

No I don’t, I mean when I screen record there are black borders on each side when viewing the recording on phones/laptops

Yes. I understand the issue :)
Can you provide a screenshot of how it looks?

Are you using a 3rd party recorder or similar? Which iPad?

I just tested on my iPad Pro 9,7” 2016 and it looks fine.


I use DU-Screen Recorder

Okay, why not the default one which is built into iOS? The issue is most likely caused by the 3rd party recorder you are using by the looks of it.


Ok, Ill Put That in Mind

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