IPAD not reading Logitech pro joystick

I’m not getting a response from the joystick in IF, followed all the trouble shooting and using a OTG cable. I thought iPad would allow a controller to be used after you run live flight connect. Any feed back to help or am I out of luck on IPAD?

You’ve followed the joystick tutorial?

There is a lot of confusing steps. I got the exact same joystick as you a couple days ago and im still having trouble with it.

Is there a specific link to it, only one I’ve followed is the one they posted with the approved controllers.i can’t find any good videos either on it…

Does yours even read something is plugged in?

You need to use Live Flight Connect to connect a flight stick. Please reference the tutorial linked above. Connecting straight to the tablet only works with Android devices.

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Most of the time, liveflight connect will say it is connected to IF but to a joystick. If your joystick is plugged into your computer, it is connectEd, even if it says it isn’t. From there you will want to reset the axis, and axis’s vary for each aircraft, so figure them out before you go airborne. With me, most airbus are:
Pitch: Axis 49
Roll: Axis 53
Throttle: Axis 54
Yaw: Axis 48

Most Boeing or anything else are
Pitch: Axis 49
Roll: Axis 48
Throttle: Axis 54
Yaw: Axis 53

Liveflight connect will crash from time to time making all of your controls go to neutral, which can be catastrophic, if you don’t see it in time. If your controls suddenly become ineffective, liveflight probably crashed, so you need to have AP on right away then restart liveflight. If all goes well, you can continue with your flight. Let me know if you need anymore help, or how to program the buttons on the joystick.

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