iPad Multitasking

It can be difficult to make time for long haul flights especially when the main device you use for school/work is the same as the device you use for IF. By enabling split screen multitasking it would enable people to have IF running whilst accessing other apps. This would improve the experience massively. I understand that there may be technical limits with memory etc as IF can be quite demanding however most newer iPads will likely be able to handle this.

I totally agree got my vote!


We are already able to multi-task using the Slide Over function. I have trouble understanding how Split Screen would work; how do you compress a horizontal app into a vertical window and still maintain its’ character?

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I love the idea, and many of us will be able to see where you are coming from with this request.


…you’ve most likely already hit a nail here: mobile platform memory is one of the big limitations that IF has to deal with. Splitting screen and goodness knows opening what other app or game, would exhaust all the little working memory that is left, and kill your flight…

And then there’s the screen resizing challenge that Luca already highlighted.


As someone who has begun to use their PC for IF more and more since my iPad is needed for schoolwork, I’d definitely like to see this feature in some form or another.

As pointed out, resizing may be an issue, but they could just hide the buttons and such, to just let it run on the side. I’m not an developer, but it’s probably more complicated than that


This is just something I mocked up quickly.


If there were steps taken (low power mode, reduced player count in live etc…) to reduce the apps demand on the device then I feel like stable multitasking could be possible but I’m not a developer in any way.

If you are unable to complete long-haul flights since you need to use your device for other purposes, I would suggest using bluestacks or other emulators on your pc/laptop. That way you can complete long-haul flights while using your device for other purposes.

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That’s what I do, and despite being stuck on 20.3, it works great

That’s just not really an ideal setup. I feel it would improve the experience for many users massively if multitasking was implemented.

Multitasking IF and another program does work on Android - to some extent - so maybe it isn’t that far fetched for the iPad to receive it

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Multitasking with IF can work, at least on M1 powered iPads with iPadOS 16 or later