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Hello folks, I’m planning on buying a new iPad mini since my old mini doesn’t support Infinite Flight latest version. I would like to know which iPad mini you recommend me getting that will be able to handle long flights with high graphics settings on Infinite Flight. Thank You

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I believe if you’re trying to buy directly from Apple, there’s only one option - the iPad mini 2021. It’s a great device that you can get for a very reasonable price. Specs are great, too.

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I’m not buying it directly from Apple. I’m buying it at FIU. There is Panther Tech at my school. @Thunderbolt

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I use the ipad mini 5 and it works excellently :)

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What about the iPad mini 4? Will it handle long flights with high graphics settings?

iPad Mini 4:

OS : iPadOS 14.5.1
Hardware : Apple A8, 2GB

Rendering Quality : Medium
3D Object Density : Medium
Rendering Resolution : Medium
Texture quality : high
Anti-Aliasing : Off
Frame Rate : 30FPS
Airplane Count : High

Notes : Anti-Aliasing is on when taking screenshots. Can handle full phat, however it is advised not to. Battery can die pretty quickly running IF, so be sure to have it plugged in or on low brightness when running.

See here

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No. I can guarantee it will not. It’s strongly advised to reduce your graphics down as low as possible during a long haul. The Mini 5 is almost 7 years old and is unlikely to run on high at any point.

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You mean the iPad mini 4? @Dan_77

Rookie mistake, I must have mixed it up with its 2015 release date 🤓😅

Yeah, I’m referencing the mini 4. It’s as about as powerful as an iPhone 6, just with 1gb more ram

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Alright, sounds like a good plan. I will be getting an iPad mini 5 either tomorrow or Wednesday. This topic can be closed. Thank You

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