Ipad Mini 6th Gen

Hey everyone!

Would anyone recommend the Ipad Mini 6th Gen for Infinite Flight? I’m wondering how well it would perform with maximum graphics settings. Thanks!

It should do it, yeah. Maybe not with MAX graphics though.

Here you’ll find some more answers:

I have an iPad mini 5 and it does very well with Infinite Flight on max graphics so I could imagine the mini 6 would be just as good if not better

I have an iPad mini 6th gen and yes, it performs pretty well even at the highest graphics settings. The only thing that can be bothersome is how small the device is if you’re coming from a bigger tablet. It can be a little difficult to see things in the cockpit while you’re taking off or landing, but you’ll get used to it.

Thanks everyone for the replies! Specifically to @CannedAviation though, do you know relatively how many frames per second you are getting? Also, I’m coming from a Google Pixel 4a, so even though it is an Ipad mini, I think for me it will seem huge lol.

I’ve set the sim to 30 fps, and the sim runs at around 25 to 30 fps on my iPad mini 6, which is pretty good. I haven’t tested it at 60 fps yet.

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Thanks! I appreciate that! It helps to bring the device into perspective.

Would the Ipad Pro 11 run better than the mini 6?

Okay, scratch the Ipad Pro 11. What about the iPad Air 5th gen 2022? That one looks like it would be even more powerful than the iPad Mini 6. Would anyone be able to confirm this? Thanks for the help!

The 5th gen Air has an M1 chip. It’ll run IF fine, most likely at max settings no problem.

Don’t have one, but my main IF device is a 3rd gen iPad Pro which came out in 2018 and still has the A12X chip. I run IF on it at full settings with no issues (other than battery draining a bit fast if it isn’t plugged in, but performance wise it runs perfect). If my iPad with a 5 year old chip runs IF fine, the much more powerful M1 won’t have any issues.

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Hey man, thanks for the response! This is exactly what I was hoping for! I appreciate it!

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Think I’ve seen a few people on here mention that they have M1 iPads and it runs perfect, so you shouldn’t have any issues!

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That’s awesome! Good to hear!

I use my 12 mini with max graphics and everything. Works well.

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My phone hates me for it…

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