iPad mini 6

Hi, I’m looking to buy an iPad for IF, I was considering the iPad mini 6 but I noticed last year when it was released there were issues with the new resolution. Has this since been fixed?

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Hi there,
All issues with the IPad Mini 6 were resolved couple days after it’s release. I have this iPad and I must says it’s a great device to fly on and runs amazing with all high graphics


Can someone take a picture of playing IF on a mini 6? Im considering to buy it but i wanna see IF gameplay on it

Don’t have any pictures at the moment, but I play on a Mini 6 and it runs absolutely perfectly at the highest graphics settings and 60fps. You can easily get 4-5 hours of battery life on IF as long as your brightness isn’t super high. It’s an amazing device to play IF on and I would definitely recommend it

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Ok, thanks 😁

That is a great device! I have an iPad 9th gen and it runs everything well with high graphics! I would say the iPad mini 6 is a better device than mine but you can decide!

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