iPad Mini 5

Hello everyone,
I was thinking of getting an iPad mini 5 as currently I only use IF on my iPhone 8. Now I’m not really a tech guy, so I was wondering if someone could tell me if this iPad can run IF at maximum settings.
Thanks, Dimitri

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IPad Mini 5 2018? If so i have one, and it’s amazing:) however dont have max settings, throughout your hole flight if you do long haul. As it’s just a waste of space and battery life:)

Does it run max settings on a short haul flight?

The iPad Mini 5 should run infinite flight at max settings.

As it is such a new device I believe it would work great

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Thanks! @Jens_Severin

Yes, but however, if you have full brightness and sound, the device will get hot just like another device would so…

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It has the A12, its more powerful than almost anything on Android right now, and still toe to toe with the newest from Apple, your going to be perfectly fine with this…

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I have a mini 4 and I can confirm this. Mine is 128 gigs and it’s now having trouble with device memory, so cache will need to be cleared often.

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I have an iPad mini 2 which sadly I had to retire because it just got to sluggish on IF and was running out of memory. I personally love the unique size of this thing and I was quite excited Apple decided to bring one out again after the quiet period.

I agree with @KPIT that the specs of the new Mini are on par with other new Apple products and I’m positive it will run really well with IF, even in full graphics. But…would love to hear from whoever is using one right now.


Aight thanks everyone for your help. Looks like I’m going to be getting it!

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how does IF work in your Iphone 8, like how are the configurations…

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Perfect- max settings for everything. My only issue is the size…

i thought that too going from a phone to ipad. Its not hard to get used too:) If its not as big, well for me it’s perfect so

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Yeh I used to play on an iPad mini so… wanted to get something relatively small so I think the iPad mini will be perfect. Thanks anyways!

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Just ordered IPad Pro 3, 12.9 screen.
Anybody using one of these?

Thinking of getting the iPad mini 5 as well the size of it is perfect for traveling

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Yep really is

@DimitriB, @Joeoreilly77 did you end up purchasing the Mini 5? I am really interested in your findings.

Did some research and was surprised to see how much lower in price the iPad Mini is compared to the iPad Pro, while really the specs are not that far apart.
And, I agree, the size is just brilliant for IF.

Nah didn’t end up getting it I bought the iPhone 11 instead

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