iPad mini 4 lines on screen when using Infinite flight

Nope. Unless this is an iOS software issue which I highly doubt, or something software can fix - I don’t see other people with the same device mentioning software causing a display issue. We need to rule out a hardware problem by you doing some further diagnosis please.

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Alright, I’ll try my best to recreate this in another game. I will post details tomorrow with any findings about what could trigger The issue.

One wrong move and he risks destroying the entire screen. As it stands, the screen is still usable. Probably best to not try and open it up.

@AlphaSeven do you notice that your device is particularly hot when the lines are present? Older LCD panels can be susceptible to this kind of damage when under a heavy load?

The easiest way to rule it out as being software is to either downgrade/ upgrade software or see if the issue can be replicated with another app. I highly recommend you do not try taking the device apart.

All i can recomemed is shut down the ipad completly leave it for a few hours then start it back up. Sometimes you have to leave it off for a longer period of time.

Surprisingly not. I thought that it might be a screen burn but when I feel the screen when it happens it’s completely normal.

I will try that, thanks!

I wasn’t going to do that either way haha

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Screen burn doesn’t necessarily mean the screen will be hot. It occurs when pixels are left on for a period of time where they then begin to burn out.

This issue is definitely hardware related. Probably not to do with the age of your device, but rather a malfunction of the display ribbon as explained above. Unless you are comfortable with it, I wouldn’t recommend dissembling your device as it will void the warranty and you may damage components and be left without a device as stores are closed.

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Burn-in occurs with OLED screens which is a different technology, however the components of an LCD screen getting hot, as opposed to the same image staying on the screen creating ghosting on the display, can damage them over time. So as I have been saying, we just need you to see if you can replicate the same issue in an environment as close to as what you can get in IF: moving graphics, similar colour and brightness etc.

It’s unlikely to be burn in. This is much less of an issue on a LCD screen than it is on an AMOLED or POLED screen. Can you remember off the top of your head if you’ve dropped the device before? I know it’s 4 years old 😂

Based on the fact that is only happens on long hauls and you can’t get it to happen otherwise, I’d wager a guess that it’s just to do with the screen being left on for extremely long periods of time. I remember one of my old PC monitors had an issue after being on for more than 6hrs at a time 🤷

Was referring entirely to heat. Hear can cause more issues in a display than just burn in.

Yikes, I have a strong suspicion this is related

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Yes, a few times last week Actually 😅

Well, when did the issue start?

About 2 weeks ago.

Can you remember if you dropped it before it started

Yeah, I read that that might be a factor. I’m not a 100% sure though.

There might be a correlation there. To ensure it is hardware related, and regardless of what started it initially, just replicate the issue. Then you will have the reason behind what triggers it now.

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Question: if the lines are visible in a Screenshot that means it’s a software issue, correct?

Dropping a device can have any number of effects, some that will show up instantly and some that can take weeks to manifest. I can see everyone else scurrying to their keyboards to try and provide you with a solution 😂

It’s possible that when you’ve dropped it you’ve damaged a display connector or some other component inside. It’s not guaranteed, just a possibility. As the device is 4 years old, it’s not going to be under warranty. I’m not sure how much it would cost to get it repaired either.

Yes, entirely correct

If you can continue using the device for the time being, it does not seem that this is breaking your iPad, obviously it’s an inconvenience to say the least. I would try and avoid leaving the screen on for long periods of time if you can help it. Realistically speaking, most people won’t use their device for more than 6hrs worth of screen on time anyway. Perhaps a replacement is in check for Christmas 😂

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I think we can conclude that this is a hardware issue affecting the connection to the display of the device and not a software issue regarding Infinite Flight or iOS.

@AlphaSeven, at the moment there is probably nothing you can do about this. When stores reopen, I would recommend taking your iPad in to an Apple Store and discussing your issue with a staff member. It is probably best not to make an attempt at repairing the device yourself as this may result in permanent damage (if not, a voided warranty) and you will be left without an iPad.

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I think that if I reach that point, it would be better to get a new iPad. Apple repairs are ridiculously expensive. I might as well get the new iPad mini.

I think this whole thing was a plot. Deliberately damaging the tablet so you can get an upgrade.

I like your style 😂

No, I’m not that kind of guy 😂 Seriously, this iPad mini has been my go-to device for almost 5 years. It has served me great. But I would honestly never drop it. It runs IF perfectly fine, but as I said, this issue is a little annoying because 1.) I don’t want to break my ipad completely and 2.) I would not be able to fly in IF with a screen larger then my iPhone 7+.