iPad mini 4 lines on screen when using Infinite flight


My last 5-ish flights, have been causing some issues on my iPad mini 4. I keep getting these weird “lines” on my screen. I think that this is because it has been on for too long? This happens only on long hauls.

After I restart it, its still there. Then, when I continue using my iPad for some times the lines go away within 5 minutes. Just now, my screen completely lost resolution and everything was blurry, but once again It went away soon. I’m not sure if my screen needs replacement because it works today fine with any other app, just with Infinite Flight. Is there something causing it? My iPad mini does not overheat.

Device specs and details I did to fix:

Device: iPad mini 4
Running: iOS 13.4
Happens when: Doing flights longer than 7 hours.
IF specs: All graphics low, Airplane count on low, Ant-Aliasing on

  • Restarted iPad completely
  • Changed screen brightness
  • Banged on the back of the iPad (Helps at times)

It looks similar to this image. This is a thumbnail from a video so it’s not my picture. My iPad has the same vertical lines. In the video, the iPad is glitching out, but mine IS NOT. I only have the lines.

Does anyone know what the issue is? I’m not exactly sure what or why its happening. Only with IF long hauls.

Any help appreciated, thanks :)

I get graphics tearing and a similar line issue across the terrain, but horizontally, especially when I pan the camera around. Could it be more of a display issue with your iPad? Could it be due to the frame rate limiter?

Definitely sounds software related lol

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That’s what I’m thinking, but the screen works completely fine with any other app. Then after the lines come, the screen heals itself back to normal not more than 5 minutes after. Its strange because this only started happening my last 5-7 long hauls ago.

How about you leave a similar game on for the same period of time, restart and see if the issue persists. I don’t see why a hardware issue would be induced by IF, because it’s an LCD.

Could be age and wear related.

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Yeah probably. It’s a good 4 years old.
I think that it may be Time for a New ipad :(

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Could you send us a video of your exact iPad doing this? Also, does it show up in screenshots? Sounds weird but it could be a software related issue. Also, iPadOS 13.4.1 is out so see if the update helps.

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I don’t think it’s software related because when I took a look at Apple community, they said you need to do complete restarts etc, and it should eventually go away. Mine is an issue with the screen itself because I’ve done every possible step.

Also I’m not sure if I can send a video unfortunately. I’ll take photos of it when it happens again.

I’ll send screenshots and pictures the next time This happens. Stay tuned.

Also I wanted to say this.

The lines appear after exiting IF. In IF, the screen is normal and as soon as I exit the app, the lines come up.

Maybe it’s because they’re not visible? That can’t be possible if it doesn’t appear in IF and instantly appears when you close it. Does it then occur in other apps?

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Nope, they are. After they appear, and when I enter IF the lines are visible, but per the usual, they go away soon. The lines are visible on the screen on any app.

No, just in IF.

Oh, I just turned on my screen and I had the lines again. They went away after 5 seconds. It happens when I turn it off/exit IF.

You said they appear after exiting IF. Now you’re saying they appear when in IF. Is that after closing and reopening IF or what?

Ok, so after my game crashes/after I exit IF, the lines immediately appear. They stay for about 5 minutes.

After they disappear and I close my ipad when I’m not using it. Then, when I turn my ipad on the lines appear again. It happens as soon as I exit IF after a Long haul. They happen mainly in the very left part of the screen.

It’s sort of starting to sound like more of an Apple issue than an Infinite Flight issue. Because you’re saying it happens once you exit Infinite Flight, try a similar game like Minecraft or something similar in resources and see if it happens, because it’s definitely starting to sound less IF and more Apple.

We can rule out Infinite Flight being the issue here if you leave another graphically intensive game on for the same duration. #support is for Infinite Flight related issues, and hardware issues are out of the developer’s hands. I guess you can send the developers some feedback and get your screen fixed if you determine that is the issue.

It could be the ribbon connected between the LCD panel and the logic board. I’ve seen this happen to some Apple products. If your tech savvy pop the iPad apart disconnect and clean the connectors.

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Yes it could well be. I’ve pulled apart my laptop and replaced the display due to a similar issue.

It happens only after using IF. It doesn’t happen after using safari, x-plane etc. Just after doing a Long haul.

I currently can’t Recreate it with another game because I don’t have any game that lasts up to 10 hours. I can only recreate the issue in IF.

Just leave a game on the screen for 10 hours. Don’t forget to disable auto-lock.

only its sounds silly but have you tried a soft restart aswell as a hard restart

I have tried that so many times. It’s in the original post.

Do you guys think that updating to the next iOS version might help?