iPad mini 4 for IF

I just bought a new iPad and haven’t opened it up yet. Is this a good tablet for infinite flight? Can I run maxed out graphics and how is it on live? Do you think it can handle global?

Well…what kind is it? You got to say that in the post ;)


Yes, it is very good

What iPad is it? Would be great to know so we can help


What iPad type? Anything that is equipped to run iOS 10 when it is bought should run it pretty smoothly :)

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Anything that ships with iOS 9-10 is good, anything lower than that is very bad (for example an iPad Air is not very good at all)


I have an IPad Air 2 IOS10.2.1 and it works beautifully. I have max settings and highest graphics. Doesn’t lag or anything.

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I’m sorry it’s a iPad mini 4

It’s an iPad mini 4 generation

I have an ipad mini 2 and it works extremely well so im sure your ipad mini 4 will too :)


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