iPad mini 4 for IF? (Close please)


I was wondering if the IPad mini 4 is good for IF


You should take a look:


I use it, it works pretty well running with full settings, gets a bit laggy in busy airports though. But other than that, like I said smooth on full settings


If it’s old, 3 years or more, no it’s not. If it’s brand new than yes, it will run Infinite Flight nicely. I know this because I have a 3 year old IPad mini 4 with heaps of storage left but Infinite Flight runs a bit to slow.
I hope that helps 🙂


I have worked with the iPad mini 3for some quite some time. It was ok for flying but too slow for controlling. I suspect the iPad mini 4 will do a lot better.


I would say that it is good, full settings, etc. people already addressed that. I got one the summer before this, but I kinda regret it with as expensive (and sometimes cheeper) moddels haveing an A10 vs and A8. Trust me it makes a diffrence, so if you are commited the the mini like me then go ahead, it’s good. And having used other IPads (the 2018 one) it does have a laminated screen, and in my oppinion better speakers, and smaller bezels. But most of those are luxrys, and the performance is better definitely somthing to consider. So if thats why do it, but other wise I would get the Ipad 2018 (or just IPad). Feel free to PM me for any questions!

Just my two cents…


Well the mini three is pretty mich just a 2 with touch ID, so I would imagin…


The iPhone6s runs amazingly well for a old phone on high graphics


I have an iPad Mini 4. It works smoothly at full graphics, but occasionally the screen froze during the flight for a few seconds, however, I haven’t noticed that since I updated my software.


Thanks for all your help everyone this can be closed now