iPad Mini 2 VS iPhone XS Max

Good afternoon everyone,

I’ve been using from the beginning my iPhone XS Max to both control and fly on the training and expert servers.

However, as I’ve got an iPad Mini 2 that I’m rarely using, I had several questions to ask the community, and I’d need advice.

  • Is using an iPad Mini 2 for controlling purposes (with minimum graphics settings) a good idea, or do you think I’d rather continue using my iPhone XS Max?
  • Can the regular extensive use of my iPhone XS Max on Infinite Flight cause in the long run reduce my performance?
  • Would you recommend me using my iPad Mini 2 or my iPhone XS Max for controlling and flying?

Thank you in advance!

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Whichever you’d prefer really, no one can tell but you what device you’re using when controlling.

It can make your battery health degrade faster I would assume but you could say the same thing for the iPad.

What I meant is I was wondering if controlling required kind of a recent device. As my iPad is old, I guess I couldn’t fly with it, but I wanted to know if I could still control on that iPad.

Thanks for clarifying this! What about the performances?

You can control on any device you’d like. Controlling is normally less performance draining especially with the ATC Camera off.

All right, thanks for your help!

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