Ipad mini 2 lagging

When i plug my charger in my ipad mini 2 it starts to lag???


Please see:

The iPad mini 2 is fairly aged I’m afraid to say


i see thank you

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I’ve got an old iPad mini 2 and I’ve still got it working on this new release. I’ve set graphics to low and it’s still not very smooth, but it’s workable. I make it a habit to clear the iPads memory before I open de IF app.

I have not experienced lagging becoming worse after plugging the charger in though

Seems a little strange to me. I too use an iPad mini 2 from time to time and haven’t had a problem it with the new update. I normally have better connection when my device is being charge, which is the strange part.

I used to own an Ipad mini 2 16gb, the game lagged and would always crash most of the time, that was mainly due the storage and ram on the device. So maybe have a look in storage on your Ipad. Other-wise re-downloading the app might help.

@Captainshayan its to do with after market charger. Its well known apple issue. If it works fine unplugged, that’s the cause. Google it

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thanks alot