iPad mini 2 crash problem

Hello the crash problem is still not resolved. It’s even worse!!

The iPad mini 2 is quite an old device have you checked the compatibility thread?

On the thread it says everything on low and FPS limit on and with the 20.1 features it may have had its time but I’ll wait for staff to say the correct thing. Wish you luck on fixing the issue though :)

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very very old gen, prolly no longer compatable

Hey! Sorry your experiencing this. The team is working very hard on a hotfix to resolve the issue. It is a known issue that will most likely be fixed and covered in the next upcoming hotfix. The iPad mini may run a bit slower due to it’s age.

OK, I understand. I have to buy a new tablet then …

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You could wait for the hot fix before buying a new tablet or do you have a phone you could use?

Hey, I used to fly on the IPad mini 2. It definitely is starting to show it’s age. I would recommend turning down your graphics and reducing airplane count. One last thing is to restart your device before every flight. If your looking for a new device I would suggest the IPad mini 5.

I don’t think the update has anything to do with this… I think it might just be the devices time to go…😢

The update itself adds a lot of new features such as the B777 and other internal navigation items such as SIDs and STARs. With an overload on the server with an aircraft being used by a huge variety of users with slightly more polygons than the A350 can really slam device performance especially if the device is older.


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