iPad mini 2 Crash New Update 19.4

Lately I’ve been facing some issues with my iPad mini 2 since the new update has come out. My iPad always crashes on fights which are 3 hours and longer, sometimes even when I spawn in an airport with a lot of traffic, it crashes before I even start push-back.

During cruise I fly on a low graphics setting and during take-off and landing I keep my graphics settings on medium.

I’ve deleted and reinstalled Infinite flight twice and have even reset all content and settings on my iPad twice. I have 0 photos and 7 GB worth of free space and infinite flight is the only downloaded app I have on my device. Even after doing all that my iPad still crashes.

Please tell me If there’s anything else I can do to stop my iPad from crashing. Thank you.

Hello! This was documented in the Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting! thread.

Please follow the discussion in this thread for more information.


Thanks a lot Marc, appreciate it :))

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