iPad kicking me out of infinite flight every flight

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Hi, IFC I always do long hauls overnight but recently every flight it kicks me out of the app about 6-9hours. This isn’t great as I’m flying for a VA. I clear ram before each flight and have a crack in my screen but I doubt the crack would impact performance. Can someone please tell me how to prevent it. Thanks.

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Not directly aimed at you.
But how is anyone going to figure out anything if you leave out a very basic piece of information?

Device :)

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Ipad 9.7inch 5th gen 2017 32GB

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Thanks :)
Makes things so much easier.

What graphics settings are being used?
How much available storage?
When did this issue started to occurring?

As much details as you can provide would be helpful.

I think I found my culprit.

  1. Everything High.
  2. Storage 31.8 (32GB storage).
    3, This weekend.

You have 31.8GB available? Not the other way around i hope? :)

The graphics settings could be lowered slightly. If you have Limit Frame Rate turned OFF, turn it on. Next thing would be Rendering Resolution. That one is what i needed to lower on my Pro 2016 9,7 before i replaced it.

iOS 13 is a bit nastier in terms of RAM usage.

Also, a simple reinstall could help here since you only recently started to experience this. Mind the replays though as they disappear if you reinstall :)

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When you un install it it saves you 4-8gb depending on how long you’ve fly.

And unfortunately not only 0.2gb left but now I have 8gb free

Oh. Well, we do recommend having at least 1GB free :)


Thanks for your help!

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