iPad issue

I had a problem with my i pad tonight,for some reason it froze up on me on my decent to Honolulu and it went below 10 thousand feet as Inwas still,over 250 speed and before I knew it I got 6 quick speed violations which was not my fault at all,if you look at my account you will see im at level 3 and I dont ever get violations let alone 6 in 1 minute.Is there any chance I can get those aken off please since I had no control over this and I can get back to my level 3 status.Please let me know if you guys can help me with this.Thank You in advance.

Rules are rules not faster then 250 under 10000

Unfortunately you can’t unless you have proof:


Unfortunately, we can’t remove those violations for you. Next time if the app freezes at a critical point, try exiting the app or rebooting your device to force exit the game. :)